Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 10)

1301) The reinterpretation of the laws of the Universe, the Earth, Life, Nature and God is the greatest misinterpretation ever because they all lead to logics without coclusion. It's like listening to hear a one handed person clap, then you realise that there will never be a sound.{FRF}

1302) Once we reject the source of enslavement and cohere to the source of freedom, we will find out that the solutions we seek, there are no answers to them but ourself.{FRF}

1304) Some answers leave no kwestions to be asked and some kwestions will never reveal their answers so everyone interpretation of life and time will be different.{FRF}

1305) Never go to church or the mosque looking for God, take God with you and let his light shine bright from within.{FRF}

1306) Assist them even if they fail, then they will never blame you for failing to assist them in not succeeding.{FRF}

1307) *We don't have to listen the counseling of the fool or the wise, neither were there when we were born, but for human intelligence and communication we do.{FRF}

1308) *Whenever you discover the chemistry to keep a relation together, the formula  must be written in love because it's doesn't have a ready guide or a map, it takes livity.{FRF}

1309) *A person can lie about the facts but the facts will never lie for them telling lie about the facts.{ FRF}

1310) *You can be viewed as wrong because you are not certified to speak or act even though the fact deem you right.{FRF}

1311) *Conformity comes with imbalance. A person will agree publicly and then disagree to their agreement privately and vise versa.{FRF}

1312) Learning is attain from lectures, teaching, telling, listening and the ability to interpret their iverstanding because all have differences.{FRF}

Brand New Thoughts

1313) Life venture is an exam or a test, it's better you failed by your own try rather than copying the bitter success of others.{FRF}

1314) *Even in bad situations, thoughtful and good intentions remains the same.{FRF}

1315) Music and time share many things alike.
Both last forever, unlike people do, so live each seconds of the clock and in harmony.{FRF}

1316) Whenever you have to aim, aim and shoot for the stars, not at a person to assassinate their character.{FRF}

1317) A win for the few can be a loss for the many, now some will be living richer and others without a penny.{FRF}

1318) Psychogenic and Sociogenic brain damage are two conditions affecting the behavior of the human community.{FRF}

1319) *Not everyone will commend you or celebrate your accomplishments, but when you die, they are more excited about sharing a comment of condolences.{FRF}

1320) The highest level of music is of international morality and integrity. Anything below that is lowliness.{FRF}

1321) *The good and great God Almighty many of us look to for strength and glorify, is the same Almighty God with goodness and greatness relying on us to get it right so he can be glorious of iration and rejoice in humanity.{FRF}

1322) *If you don't fulfill the promised you make and fail, you will be the victim of the circumstances, and if you do, their success belongs to them.{FRF}

1323) *We are wasting so much time saying that we are waiting on God to do this and to do that when in reserve God is waiting on us very patiently. If we the people praise and love God we should be living Godly and praise full.{FRF}

1324) Truth dissolves confusions and lies into nothingness once it come in the presence of love.{FRF}

1325) The not yet can only be seen by the clairvoyant who are aligned with Jah. It's a single light piercing the darkness.{FRF}

1326) The way of Jah need no improvement, once you adhere to the principles and laws, the way is straight.{FRF}

1327) Life's pattern is admeasure unto each one of us, we are Ambassador of Jah and the channel which his fulness flows.{FRF}

1328) Opportunity come in various forms. Blackortunity, Whiteortunity, Moneyortunity, Sexortunity and Godortunity.{FRF}

1329) Rejoice and be happy as the rain descends, for each drops is as the heavenly blessings of Jah who rules and reigns.{FRF}

1330) We all breathe the breath of life or inhale oxygen but some breath hypocrisy and exhale corruption.{FRF}

1331) Unhealthy food destroy the body as derogatory words destroy the mind. Eat and think healthy and live a healthy life.{FRF}

1332) Master the thesis of life and live in love, but never accept or tolerate injustice and diabolical ideology or think we should coexist with such destructive human behavior.{FRF}

1333) Life changes is like a caterpillar morphs into a butterfly, once accomplished such state, never return where you begin.{FRF}

1334) An imperfect relation is the most perfect relation because each one grows from their imperfections.{FRF}

1335) They are so lie, that when they lied about the lies, the liars find themselves lying in a bed of lies.{FRF}

1336) Observation and rationale create a perception to thinking and explore the facts of life.{FRF}

1337) Instead of complaining about what is not being done, use your ability and get things done.{FRF}

1338) The climate always changes even when they say it's not, because changing of the climate is affecting our fulvironment.{FRF}

1339) Never worry, the least and unnoticed amongst people are usually the highest in the eyes of Jah Almighty.{FRF}

1340) The wizardry of lying and deceptions can only be carried out by the "Wizard of Lies."{FRF}

1341) It drains energy to hate, so distance yourself from negative vibration and persevere the love for the positive.{FRF}

1342) Discover the undisclosed, and in disclosing the undiscovered, you will find the magnificence of Nature.{FRF}

1343) A comfortable situation doesn't mean that one is living the best life they love. Being first sometime can makes one be last and alone.{FRF}

1344) Some nails need to be hammer in, but there are hammers looking for nail to prove it is the superior tool.{FRF}

1345) Wo/manity is no coincidence, buck up or miracle, it's the iration of ivine iception and the source of human reproductiion.{FRF}

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