Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thoughts of MIGHTYFUL13 - (Part 11)

A collection of related Thoughts 
from Mightyfull13 Records

Brand New Thoughts

1401) Whenever you put selflessness in what's most important, there will be no time for others selfishness.{FRF}

1402) It is He in your HEART that give I the Art of Life great value to daily living .{FRF}

1403) Is not every thing yuh see people do and say gudd fi talk 'bout, it can cause yuh life and character. Wise tongue live long.{FRF}

1404) *lawlessness have become a norms that lawful things seems unlawful and the unlawful things becomes a law.{FRF}

1405) *Hustling mentality have cause the devaluation of the Music Business.
Business don't need the minds of hustlers.{FRF}

1406) Criticism is of zero importance if it's not making no contributions to the development of the progress.{FRF}

1407) *Warning, it's not everything you sow you will reap. I'm seeing bad things happening to good people. Some are saying the Devil take them away, other say it's God taking them home.{FRF}

1408) Once you give up your obligation for the things that you love to do, you become unemploy.{FRF}

1409) *Some people are only good as money makes them to be, without it they have no value.{FRF}

1410) Accepting the premise of an alternative facts is giving truth to a lie.{FRF}

1411) Isolation from people is not a separation, it's just a positive effort to derail their negative impact.{FRF}

1412) The stability of a tree is its trunk and roots, and no matter how devastating is the wind, it will hold steadfast in the raging storm.{FRF}

1413) Unity is not a by-product of division just like the colours of the rainbow appearance without the rain.{FRF}

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